About Us


We are an established badminton academy providing systematic training in badminton with the aim of involving children in a healthy activity as well as training them to acquire various skills in the sport and place them on right track to become skilled players.

Our coaches (with years of coaching experiences, sport science background and certified with BAM Coaching Level) use a systematic method of training similar to that used by badminton playing nations around the world, with some modifications to suit different groups of players: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Our training methods have been proven right as can be seen from the results such as in International School Tournament 2010, 2011, 2012 held at the Japanese International School. Besides, our players have been doing well in state tournaments and also social private tournaments. Our most respectable contribution to nation is the STBC’s production players: Teh Kai Wen (KL), Tan Weng Kiat (KL) , Tan Kok Xian (KL), Chua Yue Chern (KL), Kenny Gwee Kang Yi (SL), Tung Jun Tsian (KL), and etc.

Vision Mission

STBC Vision

To be the professional badminton academy of choice, by developing our young generation into a competitive badminton player ready to answer the call of the nation in the pursuit of sporting glory

In its Vision Statement, BAM has recognized that badminton as a vibrant and popular sport can reach out to all Malaysians to contribute to nation building and social development in its pursuit of glory for the country. This noble ideal is shared by MOE vision to fulfill aspiration of the Malaysians nation for a glorious generation by realizing the full potential of our school children through a world class education system.

In line with BAM’s pursuit of glory in the field of badminton, the Academy strives to support BAM mission to increase the talent pool and to uplift the standard of badminton to achieve international success for the glory of the nation. In addition, we wish to promote MOE vision of generating a glorious and healthy generation of young Malaysians endowed with good character and discipline to fulfill he aspiration of the Malaysians nation.

With the implementation of this STBC Project, we hope to attract former players to participate the large scale development of badminton at grass root level and scouting programme through the nation. Not only this will be provide professional vocation for our former players but it will also maximize the human capital we have developed in these former players.

We hope to maintain a pool of coaches drawn for our former players so that they too can contribute to develop future players for the nation. We want to have a sustainable and progressive generation of coacher ready to serve the nation’s need. These former players have the experience and knowledge to pass on to our young generation. We have all the infrastructure and manpower to regain our status of the top badminton nation in our pursuit of the national glory. The benefit of such success will foster national pride and patriotism necessary for social integration amongst Malaysians.

STBC aspires and wishes to combine great strength with Ministry of Education, Gemilang Publishing Group, and Usana Health Science to set up a 1 Student 1 Sport – Badminton Clinic for budding young talents, to complement the efforts of state badminton associations. The young talents will form the future pool of players for the nation to choose from.

To fulfill our aspirations, we have developed a comprehensive Mission Statement capable of facing the challenges in our quest for such a noble agenda. With conviction, we set our hearts and mind to fulfill the tasks laid by our Mission Statements.

STBC Mission

To increase student interest in badminton at a younger age.

To reach out as many Malaysians by providing badminton coaching and skill development.

To scout for fresh young talents at grass root level in order to have a larger pool of talents to choose from.

To make badminton as a sports to produce healthy and discipline society so that they can avoid social ills and have a healthy lifestyle.

To develop good conduct and personal skills among the children by instilling discipline, character building, sportsmanship and mutual respect against peers and rivals.

To instill confidence and focus on the goals and aspiration of the players.

To be the centre of excellence for budding young talents to serve the talent pool of the country.

To nurture and guide the grassroots players, complementing the efforts of MOE, BAM, state badminton associations.

To maximize and optimize athletes’ potential towards building world – class youth athletes.

To obtain financial sponsorships from private organization who are interested to promote their brand and products.

Best professionals at your service.

Coaches’ Profile

Foo Woon Lung / 胡 文 隆



  • Master of Business Administration, Malaysian Graduate School of Management, Malaysia.
  • Bachelor of Science Human Development, University Putra Malaysia.


  • Former BAM player.
  • Coaching Certificate in Badminton specific Level 1, National Sport Council (NSC), Malaysia.
  • Coaching Certificate in Sport Science Level 1, National Sport Council (NSC), Malaysia.
  • Certified Coach with Permit among schools in MSSKL.

Mr. Pang


Experienced in coaching more than 20 years. Had scouted out Justin Hoh, Erica Hoh

Mr. Bobby Tan C J


Experienced in coaching more than 20 years.

Peter Fok Kawai


Experienced in coaching more than 10 years.

Leow Xian Qui


Zone Representative Player


STBC objectives for all students are to:

  • Acquire quality badminton teaching from an early age.
  • Growth in self-confidence and pursue their love of badminton games as they achieve standards of skill at the highest level.
  • Be competent in facing the challenges of the opponents they may embark on.
  • Create enjoyable and happy environment to students during the training.
  • To develop a higher level of badminton techniques and thinking.
  • To improve mutual understanding and respect within teams and amongst players.
  • To increase the sense of pride and proud being academy players.
  • To enhance coordination and cooperation in teamwork.


During in the University life, this badminton training was started by me (Angus Foo Woon Lung) and friends with purpose to do some public contribution for a welfare homecare centre as a volunteer work. Our service had spread the wings to Kepong neighborhood, a friend of mine introduced us to Mr Telly Teh (he was Chairman of PIBG of one primary school). That’s how our first venue (Starplus Badminton Hall) can cater for students as CCA badminton class started. Other than badminton training, we organized badminton clinic every year, talent scouting and school badminton tournament. That moment, we haven’t decided any name in proper for our academy.

Remembered in one lucky year 2007, from the tournament and friendly game, good friend of mine introduced MrChay, former founder of Times Academy – Higher diploma in Automobile Engineering, he decided to hire myself and other coaches to give badminton basic training to amongst 20 secondary schools students in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor District School areas. At the same time, students who were weak in curriculum study can applied to study in automobile industry. During that time, we have indeed done very good job to all the schools, and in return we managed to get few recommendation letter from schools and Kuala Lumpur Education Department (JPWP).

Although after years passed by, myself and coaches were no more hired and sponsored by Times Academy (company was taken over by another country man), yet as a reminder and bear in mind that we managed to go along till today, it’s due to many great people and great men gave us good support, cooperation, and guidance. Therefore, we decided to name this academy as “Times Badminton Academy”.